Integrated Case Management System (ICMS)

The implementation of the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) simplified the administrative procedures in judicial trials and contributed to increasing the transparency of all court trials.

The implementation of automated systems in courts is an important step in the process of court modernization. These systems help both court workers and citizens, thus contributing to streamlining court work and improving the quality of justice.

Benefits of the Integrated Case Management Program (ICMS) for citizens

1. Filing court summons and registration of cases

  • The citizen submits the request for court summon at the court premises;
  • The request is recorded in the electronic system (ICMS);
  • The citizen receives the registration confirmation with a unique number attributing the request;
  • Using the unique number, the stages of the trial can be tracked online at

2. Case assignment

  • After registration, court summons are randomly distributed among judges;
  • The random distribution involves the automatic distribution of court summons in the ICMS through a computer, without the involvement of court staff.

3. Court hearing

  • The judge sets the date and time of the hearing;
  • The information about the date and time of the hearings, as well as the meeting room is displayed at;
  • The first interaction of the parties to the trial with the judge or the panel of judges takes place at the first hearing.

4. Court decision

  • The court decision is the final stage of a trial;
  • All decisions and court orders are drafted in the ICMS;
  • All decisions and court orders issues during public hearings are automatically extracted from the ICMS and published on

Audio recording of court hearings

  • The court hearing is fully recorded in audio format;
  • The audio recording is attached to the case;
  • Each party to the trial has the right to request the copy of the audio recording of the hearing;
  • The CD with the audio recording of the court hearing is released only to participants in the trial at a cost of 20 lei.