Paralegals are highly respected in local communities where they serve. They have received specialized training to provide primary legal assistance to community members. Paralegal services are supported by the state under state-guaranteed legal aid. Paralegals provide primary legal assistance to a large range of people, regardless of their income. Paralegals can provide services beyond the areas where they reside.

To receive paralegal assistance or find out more about the paralegals employed by the state-guaranteed legal aid system, please consult the National Register of Persons Providing State-Guaranteed Legal Aid, which contains paralegal names and contact details, and which is regularly updated on the website of the National Council for State Guaranteed Legal Aid. You may also check the website of the National Association of Paralegals of the Republic of Moldova or contact the Association by email:

str. Armenească, 27, et. 3, Chișinău MD-2012, Republica Moldova, Email:

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