The Millennium Partners Consulting, LLC/Addressing Hate-Based Crimes in Moldova project intends to award several grants to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the media in order to promote, protect and advocate to effectively address discrimination and hate crimes, as well as to support institutions and legal professionals to effectively address hate crimes and hold perpetrators accountable.

Open to: NGOs and media

Application submission deadline: January 20, 2024

  1. Background and the Scope of Addressing Hate-Based Crimes in Moldova Project

Addressing Hate-Based Crimes in Moldova Project (AHC) is a 21-months project being implemented in Moldova from October 1, 2023 until June 30, 2025. Its purpose is to raise national awareness of hate crimes and discrimination, strengthen accountability for perpetrators through stronger legal frameworks, advocacy, and hate crimes data, and empower affected groups and individuals to seek human rights protections and legal remedies.

Grant Program objectives

AHC/MPC invites qualified organizations to propose their unique methodologies and solutions to the following objectives:

Objective 1. Promote, protect and advocate to effectively address discrimination and hate-based crimes

The applicants are invited to consider appropriate activities aimed to achieve the following key priorities:

  1. Raising the level of legal culture and awareness of Moldovans, especially about discrimination and hate-based crimes.
  2. Increasing the protection of rights and freedoms of the most vulnerable groups through building strong and sustainable connections (networks) of civil society organizations (CSOs), community leaders and legal professionals to leverage resources and develop innovative approaches for addressing discrimination and hate crimes in the targeted region.
  3. Promoting and advocating for new and needed developments and legislative amendments to address discrimination and hate crimes.
  4. Supporting holistically victims of hate-based crimes and discrimination: offering them legal assistance, referring the victim to relevant psychological support, supporting and offering assistance to the victim for defending rights in the judicial system.

Objective 2. Support institutions and legal professionals to effectively address hate-based crimes and hold perpetrators accountable.

Illustrative support includes, but is not limited to:

  • establish connections with both law enforcement bodies, local NGOs and vulnerable groups to facilitate regular meetings, active dialogues, and information exchange;
  • strengthen the ability of institutions and legal professionals from target regions of Moldova (North, Centre, South) to effectively address hate-based crimes.
  • collaborate with the Ombudsperson’s office and the Equality Council for strengthening the capacity of these institutions at regional level (North, Centre, South).

Application conditions are described in the Request for Applications (RFA) — attached.  Application Form and Budget Form are also attached.

Applications should be submitted in English, no later than January 20, 2024, 23.59 Chisinau time, at the following email: