#20 Olesea Tabarcea: The number of requests for free legal aid has not decreased at any time

Wednesday November 23rd, 2022

#19 Arina Țurcan-Donțu: We have many models of good practice in facilitating access to justice and the important thing is that they continue

Tuesday September 20th, 2022

#18 Olga Tumuruc: If we want to reform the judicial system, we have to do it having the technologies in mind

Friday August 26th, 2022

#16 Oleg Palii: Refugees seen as an opportunity, not a problem

Friday May 13th, 2022

Ceslav Panico: We should have a general legal education strategy in the country

Thursday April 7th, 2022

A New Commitment to Disabled Persons

For the first time, the 2022 edition of the EU Justice Scoreboard includes data on accessibility to justice for persons with disabilities. The European...

Courthouse Self-Serving Kiosks Facilitate Basic Government Services in the United States

Self-serving electronic kiosks in United States courthouses have provided convenient access to government services by automating procedures and being available after-hours. These machines are comprised...

SUPACE: Artificial Intelligence in Indian Courts

In April 2021, the Supreme Court of India implemented SUPACE (Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Courts Efficiency) to assist courts in various districts...

Integrated Case Management System (ICMS)

The implementation of the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) simplified the administrative procedures in judicial trials and contributed to increasing the transparency of all court trials.

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International Framework for Court Excellence (IFCE) The purpose of the IFCE is to develop a framework of values, concepts and tools through which courts in any country can voluntarily assess and improve the quality of justice and the court administration in seven directions.

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Court reorganization and optimization reform (CRO) The court reorganization and optimization (CRO) reform is one of the crucial priorities in ensuring efficient court management and administration in Moldova.

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Subsequently, the courts’ map has been changed and now the courts can be found in these localities:

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