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This website component was developed under the “Access to Justice in Moldova” Project, being implemented by Millennium DPI Partners under a grant from the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) of the US State Department.

The information presented is intended to improve access to legal assistance by raising awareness of the free assistance options available.

The Access to Justice in Moldova Project aims to contribute to improving the population’s access to justice, especially by increasing the level of information and protection for the most vulnerable members of the society. Under the project, partner organizations develop and publish information and awareness-raising materials for citizens about their rights and freedoms; implement a campaign to promote healthy justice, which complies with the rule of law principles and values and existing social needs; provide free legal support to their beneficiaries; and support initiatives to improve the legal framework governing access to justice. The project also provides various types of training, capacity building and organizational development for civil society organizations and other justice sector actors that facilitate the population’s access to justice.

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