List of lawyers


Lawyers facilitate access to justice by providing qualified legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in order to defend their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. Lawyers usually offer their services for a fee. The cost of services provided by the lawyer is agreed upon by both parties and is specified in the contract proposed to the client.


Lawyers can also provide pro-bono services, that is, free services for certain clients. Pro-bono legal aid services show solidarity and social responsibility and are encouraged in countries with a tradition of promoting equality before the law.

State-guaranteed legal aid

At the same time, the legislation provides for a wide range of cases in which people are entitled to state-guaranteed legal aid  Only about one-fifth of active licensed lawyers are enrolled in the state-guaranteed legal aid system.   Each year, the Union of Lawyers updates and publishes the list of active lawyers. For a lawyer’s contact details and information about their working languages or other details, please check the Lawyers Database   For state-guaranteed legal aid, please contact the Territorial Office of the National Council for State-Guaranteed Legal Aid.

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