List of mediators


Mediation is an alternative way of resolving conflicts amicably with the help of a third party, or mediator, who has special training in the field. The mediator’s role is to help the parties find a convenient and lasting solution to their problem and to reach a consensus that satisfies all parties. Mediation is a voluntary procedure, conducted in complete confidentiality, and is based on the trust that the parties place in the mediator. The mediator acts impartially and neutrally. The mediator guides the parties towards a solution by developing the most effective communication techniques, facilitating the discussions, and building an agreement between the parties.

The services provided

The services provided by the mediator are usually paid. The price of mediation services is negotiated and specified in the contract agreed upon and signed by the parties involved in the dispute and the mediator. Mediation legislation contains rules on state-guaranteed mediation; however, the mechanism for enforcing them is under development. The body in charge of certifying and coordinating the work of mediators is the Mediation Council, established under the Ministry of Justice. To select a mediator or find out their contact details, please check the list of mediation offices  which is regularly updated on the website of the Mediation Council.

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