About the portal

The informational portal on the justice sector – serves as a source of information for both the general public in the Republic of Moldova and the judiciary, lawyers, civil society and the media about judicial reform, new electronic services available in courts and their performance.

Without a qualitative justice, it is impossible to build a united and secure society, that is why the portal aims, through the information provided, to strengthen society’s trust in the act of justice and the judiciary, to contribute to building a more responsible, transparent, independent and accessible judicial system to serve all members of the society.

At the same time, the portal aims to strengthen the litigants’ basic knowledge in jurisprudence and spread out information about the judicial system, in particular:

  • informing the public about the rights in the courts;
  • services accessible to litigants in courts thanks to the implementation of the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS);
  • access to guaranteed state legal assistance;
  • the process of reorganization and optimization of courts;
  • availability of court efficiency monitoring through performance indicators adjusted to international standards;
  • improved procedures for the selection, promotion and evaluation of judges.

The portal is tailored for people with special needs according to international compatibility and accessibility requirements. The web page allows visitors to adjust the color contrast, text size and audio reading of the published information.

The portal has been developed by the USAID Open Justice Project and contains informative materials developed both within the Program and other projects and initiatives in the justice sector.