Shelter and Relief


    Contact details

    Address: 3 Al. Cosmescu Str., Apt.14, Ungheni

    Telephone: +373 69 284 653


    Facebook page:

    Area of activity

    • Helping families supporting orphaned children and children left without parental care
    • Providing social assistance to socio-vulnerable families, those who have children under guardianship and wardship, and those in need of state support
    • Supporting single-parent families, especially single women caring for and educating their children
    • Developing social protection and recovery programs, especially for women who have used alcohol/drugs, sexually abused women, and women who have been chased from home

    Type of assistance provided

    • Primary legal assistance by phone and email
    • Qualified legal assistance – legal consultations
    • Mediation services to families with foster children in the form of adoption, guardianship/wardship
    • Assistance in the procedure of/preparation of documentation on adoption, guardianship/wardship

    Category of beneficiaries

    Adoptive/potential parents, guardians, children in foster care