With the Project’s support, 740,824 decisions, amounting to over 2,278 million pages, from the Chisinau District Court’s 1973–2009 paper archive were digitized.

Open Justice also developed a web application that connects the digitized archive with the new ICMS, so that judges and court staff from the Chisinau District Court can search and access the digitized decisions online. Open Justice will host the archive on a computer at the Chisinau Court until the archive is transferred to a dedicated server managed by the SCM.

Digitization process of judicial cases issued between 1973–2009
at the Chisinau District Court

The archive can be made accessible to the Moldovan public once the Moldovan authorities modify Law No. 133 on Personal Data Protection, which will allow the court decisions and rulings that contain personal data to be made public.

On April 8, 2019, Open Justice discussed the technicalities of a possible connection between the archive and third-party systems with the developer, and the Project will continue to support the Moldovan Government in ensuring access to legal information, such as court rulings and decisions, thus making the court activity more transparent.