A screenshot of the Balti District Court’ s new webpage

In April 2019, five new upgraded court webpages — of the Balti Court of Appeal and the Balti, Drochia, Edinet, and Soroca District Courts — were launched and made accessible to the general public with Open Justice’s assistance. The webpages were redesigned and upgraded for two reasons: 1) to incorporate features that make them accessible to visually and hearing impaired persons, and 2) to publish additional information that is automatically generated by the new version of the ICMS.

The new functionalities of the upgraded pages will allow information to be extracted quickly and automatically from the new ICMS that the courts now use. Court decisions, rulings, and hearings have been made available to the public through the courts’ upgraded webpages.

The new user-friendly interface and the text-editing functionalities of the pages enabled the effective organi­zation of information on court activities and allowed people with special needs (sight and hearing) to adapt the way the text is displayed according to their needs (e.g., font size, accessibility, contrast, and color saturation). As another new feature of the webpages, a text synthesizer can read all the information on the page out loud, making information about court activities accessible to users with impaired hearing. Previously, Open Justice has also supported the launch of updated webpages for the national Courts’ Web Portal, the courts within the circuits of the Comrat and Cahul Courts of Appeal, the Agency for Court Administration, and the SCM. By the end of summer 2019, Open Justice intends to upgrade the webpages of all remaining Moldovan courts.